our story

The challenge

We have a passion for connecting people. When we got married, we wanted all our friends and relatives to attend the wedding, but quickly realized some tough truths:

  • Our grandparents couldn’t attend because of health challenges

  • Our friends and family out of state couldn’t make the long trip on a Sunday

  • Our budget and venue size didn’t allow us to invite 400+ guests

We knew there had to be a simpler and less expensive way to share our wedding day!

the solution

Once we discovered live streaming, we realized it was the perfect way to help couples connect with family regardless of distance and venue size. Instead of watching through an iPhone, friends and family could experience a professionally-shot wedding in HD with quality audio and multiple angles.

the result

Since starting in 2018, we’ve streamed weddings across Washington, Oregon, and California - connecting hundreds of friends and family all over the world, from Peru to Ethiopia. It’s amazing to see the relief it brings to the couple; knowing that everyone can experience their wedding and no one is left out.

our family

Dale + Lydia + baby Adalyn = Team Wilson. We’ve been married since October of 2016 and it has been an adventure-filled life full of joy and memories. On June 1st, 2019 Adalyn Via Wilson joined the team and continues to bring us laughter, smiles …. and a whole lot of diaper changes :)


Family photo credit goes to our favorite photographers @thewendellstewarts



  • High definition live stream of ceremony and/or reception with multiple cameras

  • Full recording available within 24 hours of the wedding’s end time

  • Personalized event web page with a link to your online wedding registry

  • High quality audio connections to capture music and/or speeches

  • On-screen banners displaying names or other information for remote viewers

  • Customized reminder emails inviting guests to join the live stream

  • Real-time comments section for guests to leave cute remarks or encouraging words


  • A 30-60 second save-the-date video to post on social media prior to the wedding day

  • A romantic 2-3 minute sunset or first look video with the couple

  • A longer 4-7 minute highlight video of the whole day

  • Raw unedited footage and audio of the wedding provided to the couple

  • Two videographers onsite to capture day-of events (first look, ceremony, reception, etc.)

  • Multiple video format options to optimize for Facebook or Instagram

  • Pre-wedding consultation to make sure we understand your hopes and dreams

Any of these are available based on your needs, desires, and budget.

If you want additional cameras or creative options, let’s talk!


Our prices start at $1,500 and increase depending on the livestreaming or videography options you would like to include. Because every couple’s situation is a little different, we prefer to offer custom pricing based on date, location, and time for setup, shooting, and editing instead of flat rates.


grace and dylan | first look highlight video

bridgette and darryl | wedding day highlight video

brittany and jake | wedding day highlight video

grace and dylan | ceremony live stream

gladwell and jacob | sunset shoot

christina and jordan | reception live stream


Shalom and Jonathan Miller

Married Livestream was so amazing to work with! Our venue capacity didn’t make it possible to invite everyone since our friends and families are spread across three different continents. We were happy to find out about Lydia and Dale who made it possible to include all our loved ones in one of the most memorable days of our lives. Lydia and Dale impressed us with their professionalism and detail-oriented focus. Their work is top quality and watching the video afterwards feels like we’re reliving the moment! We’ve even had family reach out to us to tell us how much it meant to them that they could be a part of our wedding day. We would recommend Married Livestream without hesitation!

Anna and Diego Caballero

We loved Married Livestream! It was such a great way to connect our families from either sides of the world together (we have family in Canada and Peru). Both sides of our family were able to watch and be a part of our special day. It was so fun to hear their comments afterward and relive our wedding with them. Thank you Dale and Lydia for being so proactive and making sure everything was in place before we said "I do!"

Christina and Jordan Riordan

Dale and Lydia went ABOVE and BEYOND to capture our day in the best possible light. We were so blessed by the initiative they took to create great shots and capture every moment.

Their encouragement made us feel so confident and I know it’s the reason we got amazing pictures AND the reason it was such a magical day for us. We did not originally understand how much joy live-streaming would bring to our wedding.

The quality of our livestream was fantastic. It came across in vivid color, clear, and natural. Watching it online was just like experiencing our wedding in person. Jordan and I could not believe how many people we didn’t have room to invite came to us and told us how much they loved watching our wedding.

One of our first memories as a married couple on our honeymoon, literally days after our wedding, was to cuddle together and watch our entire wedding again. We cried during the ceremony and got to experience the dance room, capturing moments we didn’t get to see in person. I would SO highly recommend anyone to hire Married Livestream for their own cherished memories, for the creativity offered by Dale and Lydia, and for all of the people who get to join in on the best day of your life! Dale and Lydia were a dream to work with.

Kathryn and Caleb Pearson

Dale and Lydia were an amazing addition to our wedding day. They were so kind, thoughtful and they did an amazing job managing to blend in with our wedding day while still capturing all the great angles and moments. They have a talent for wonderful attention to detail and are so respectful and encouraging. I am beyond pleased with our wedding video, and the live streaming was so meaningful to my family. I couldn’t be happier with Dale and Lydia’s beautiful videoing of my wedding.

Courtney and Harrison Stankey

Married Livestream captured the ceremony perfectly! Dale and Lydia provided a way for so many friends and family to join in on our day. We appreciated the way they were so flexible and worked around both our other videographer and photographer.

Gladwell and Jacob Grillo

Love. Love. Love your work. Phenomenal couple doing absolutely awesome work. You made our day special and our family was captured with such care. We know the Lord placed you in that particular place at that time. For such short notice, you guys were able to gather our thoughts and vision and execute it. We love you guys.

Grace and Dylan

The live stream was fantastic. Also, the time management and directions were perfect [for the first look shoot]. We loved getting the link beforehand so we could share it with our family and friends. Married Livestream allowed us the opportunity to share our special day with friends and family that could not attend due to distance. They provided a service that is unique, stress free, and special. We are grateful that they captured our wedding perfectly.

Brittany and Jake

Exceptional experience! I loved every moment of getting to know Dale and Lydia. They are perfect to capture any occasion. We are so blessed we get to relive our Special Day every time we watch our video. Everything was beautifully captured.

Bridgette and Darryl

There is no one we would rather have had create our wedding video than Married Livestream. Dale was easy to work with, extremely kind and made us feel so comfortable on our big day. Our video is absolutely magical and something we will treasure for the rest of our lives. I would recommend Married Livestream to any couple who asked!